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Below is a continued list of all our sponsors...

Fesette Realty LLC 
Lake Champlain Transportation Company 
Takia Feliciano LMHC 
Gary Finney
Paul Marcus 
John Myers 
Northern Cakes 
Michigan’s Plus 
Lee Appliance 
Wash Land 
City Fire Department 
Plattsburgh Police Department 
E J Jones 
Huttig Nissan 
Wilson Appliance 
Moore Recycling 
Weebee Oil and Lube 
CSEA Local 884 
Evan Bracy 
44 McDowell Way LLC 
Mountain Mart #104 
Curtis Lumber 
Community Bank 
PM Leary LLC 
Plattsburgh Paving 
Law Office of Joe Cardany 
Warren Tire
4 Seasons Plaza Of Plattsburgh LLC 
Floright Enterprises INC 
Luck Brothers
John and J
oanne Gratto
City Auto Repair

Hal Cohen
Kevin Bushey

Champlain Valley Electric Supply
Pacific Rim (Seattle Washington)
Wyoming Valley Clutch
Mike Theiss


Giroux’s Poultry Farm, INC
Northern Insuring
Adirondack Pennysaver
Hal Cohen
Coryer Staffing
Harding Mazzotti LLP
Brian Gladwin
Joel Maggy
Drapeau’s Sanitation LLC
Lake City Fire Equipment
Beth Francis
Jeff Moskouitz
John Zerrahn
Cumberland 12
Northbowl Lanes
Casey Flynn
Jeff Holmes
Brant Lake Basketball Camp
Miami Heat
Brooklyn Nets
Lisa Zaferakis
Monaghan Medical
John Kmack
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Pete Gerney
Steve Kirk
Airborne Speedway
State Troopers Union
Altona Correctional Facility
David Bushey
Craig Bushey

Jerry Rickrode
Northern Utilities, LLC


We want to thank all businesses & individuals who have helped support this year's upcoming camp. We greatly appreciate your support. The camp & this year's students wouldn't have the opportunity to participate without you! 

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