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Below is a list of drills & tips our coaching staff at Adirondack Coast recommend to

practice daily & during your offseason. 

Game Plan


Dedicate 2-3 hours a day to basketball workouts during the offseason.


Do every drill at game tempo. Don't go through the motions.


Learn & practice your fade-away shot. This move will help you create separation between you and defenders when in tough shooting situations.


Do a rendition of the NBA 3-point contest. You'll have to get your own rebound but shoot 5x from the 5 different locations on the floor. Each shot counts as 1 point except the last one (2 points). Your goal is to reach 20 points or more. Repeat this 3x.

Basketball Practice
Basketball Practice


Practice your mid-range & three-point shots off the dribble. On one end of the court perform a pull-up mid-range jumper and then grab the ball and dribble down to the other end of the court & do the same from the 3-point line. Do this back and forth for 5 minutes. Time yourself & try to beat your score. Your goal should be 50 points!


Work on landslides & wind sprints to improve your defense.


Shoot a minimum of 500 shots a day


Be coachable & bring an excellent attitude to practice everyday. 


Get some cones and practice your dribbling. Focus on moves like behind the back, between the legs & hesitation.


End your daily practice by making 10 free throws in a row. You can't leave the gym until you do.


Remember many of these drills will be challenging at first but as time goes on they will get easier & you'll get better. The important thing is being consistent & doing daily. Make sure you bring a good attitude to practice & go hard. These won't work if you're just going through the motions.

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